Monday, 27 August 2012

A fine disregard for the rules

We love yogurt so much -about 2 litres a week much! I haven't made it for some time since we moved as my thermometer is in a box somewhere but to save us from our own Greek (yogurt) bankruptcy I had to make some and not the thin pale stuff you see on the hippy dippy self-sufficiency sites. So I did ad lib a little but all seems well, easy, satisfying and fun! I do feel myself sinking more and more into the role of 1930's housewife, although this may only last until I finish all 66 Agatha Christie books.

Lots of good links to make your own. I bring 2Lt's full cream milk to a hot simmer, with little bubbles around the side. Take off the boil and allow to cool to luke warm temperature and stir in 2 tablespoons of live yogurt and seal into a clean container and keep warm for 24hrs -winter is perfect for this! I wrap my container in towels as well. Open it up to test that it has changed! Its good to eat at this stage but we like it very thick so I usually strain it in the fridge for another day and you get perfect thick creamy goodness. I knew keeping 10 years worth of Bon Mama jars was worth it along with plum compote from this past Autumn.