Monday, 8 September 2014

Creative Hearts - Mayer Berlin

Essence, schöpfung, humanity, harmony, transformation, transcendence. 

I love the power of words that have informed the Mayer Berlin collections – into the Light and Peace Collections by Christine Mayer. So too her philosophy;
"The beauty of things we can touch - the souls of people, and give them the inspiration to change." Christine Mayer 
 “in my creations I would like to not only to design clothes, but give people a luminous energy. I see it as essential in my work, that's what drives me to create clothes in this world of consumerism, so the garments and products are not only on the physical level, but will also touch the mind and soul.”

 " Through love, beauty and mindfulness, we can flow into our actions, we can even change matter. We can make garments which in turn carry the power of transformation in yourself. "

Made from old linens and the Seacell range from seaweed, Mayer Berlin has celebrated ten years of creative inspiration.  
Christine Mayer
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