Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday supper

I love to have as much time as possible Sunday afternoon to dream and create, so this is one of my go to recipes - good for us with lots of things from the garden thrown on or whatever is in the fridge and the boys love it too (with any luck they think its so much fun they do the work for you!).

I make the dough in the morning so I can be done with it! Take any flour you like, I use 5 cups self raising and wholemeal mixed, a packet of yeast, teaspoon of honey, pinch of salt and at least 1.5 cups of water or to suit, then mix and kneed yourself into a trance! When it is soft as a babies bottom pop into a lightly oiled bowl and let rise in a warm place -mostly I do this in the window or sunny place or in Winter near the heater or in the stove with the light on (not the heat). Once you get a good rise - say double, roll it out in two parts to fit your pans, cover with a tea towel and allow to rise a second time. When ready to eat, decorate and pop into a super hot oven (on a pizza stone if you have one) - this helps to get a lovely rise and bubbles in the dough. Eat!